Say Good-Bye To Boring Breakfast Meetings With Jerry’s Kitchen

If you’re planning a corporate breakfast meeting, the team at Jerry’s Kitchen can help ensure a smooth, stress-free event that attendees will rave about.

Whether you’ll have 50 attendees or 200, scheduling meetings and presentations in the morning will help ensure the success of the event and, in many cases, save you money on your food and venue costs.

When you choose an experienced team like the professional caterers at Jerry’s Kitchen, you’ll be able to relax and focus on the business at hand, rather than worrying about the comfort and satiety of your guests.

Why Choose A Catered Breakfast for Your Corporate Event?

Although lunch events have long been a staple of corporate meetings, presentations and seminars, scheduling your event earlier in the day provides a number of advantages.

When you catch attendees first thing in the morning, they will have fewer distractions and potential conflicts. They’ll be less likely to run late or find reasons to cancel at the last minute.

You’ll also have your audience at their sharpest mental state of the day. Even though not everyone is a morning person, your attendees will have the added incentive of a free breakfast and bottomless coffee to get them motivated.

Planning a Corporate Breakfast Event

Plan your event based on the duration of your meeting or presentation.

If your event will be relatively short – 60 to 90 minutes, for example – you may want to serve your food first thing. Attendees can grab their plate and beverage of choice and head to their tables to enjoy their breakfast as you kick off your presentation.

If your event duration will be longer than 90 minutes, consider offering coffee, tea, juice, and pastries upon arrival, and then plan a break halfway through the event for more substantial food offerings. This will provide sustenance for the first portion of the program and give your attendees a well-timed break, helping you hold their attention through the home stretch.

Trust a Corporate Catering Expert

Our professional catering team understands how to stage your food in a way that will keep your event moving along with minimal distractions.

Depending on the purpose of your meeting, you may want to choose a full breakfast buffet or a simple continental breakfast spread. For a more formal occasion — making a big pitch to a potential new client, for example – you may prefer a full service plated breakfast for a more memorable experience.

Whatever your preference, Jerry’s Kitchen can help make your corporate breakfast event a triumphant success. We will work closely with you to design a menu that meets your needs as well as your budget.

Contact us today to learn more about how our corporate event catering services can make your next breakfast meeting a success.



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