5 Late-night Party Snacks Your Guests Will Love

Late-night bites are always a big hit with every party crowd. They present a wonderfully unique opportunity for hosts to express themselves in a fun and casual manner and treat their guests to something out of the ordinary. Jerry’s Kitchen is here to help inspire your event planning with our top five late night party snacks guaranteed to get your guests mouth’s watering.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or a bar/bat mitzvah, late night bites keep the party going and add an element of surprise at the end of the night when guests least expect it.

Savory or sweet, our team of expert caterers will work with you to customize your late-night menu. Maybe you have a signature snack that will add a special twist to the celebration and make it unique to you. Or maybe you just want to keep the party going and need to refresh your crowd with extra sustenance.

Jerry’s Kitchen is here to help make your event unforgettable. You can keep it a surprise for your guests and we can roll up in our food truck and be ready to serve freshly prepared treats from our bright and cheerful mobile kitchen. Or we can set up a snack station right inside the location of your event.

Now that we got the logistics out of the way, let’s get to our list and start this party planning!

Sliders – Sliders are great if dinner is a distant memory and everyone needs something filling, but small and easy to grab and go.

Quesadillas – Quesadillas are another great grab and go snack. Served with a variety of salsas and guacamole, quesadillas are pretty much the ultimate late-night snack

Mac N Cheese – Who doesn’t love Mac n Cheese? Sure to boost your guest’s energy levels and keep they party going.

Soft Pretzels – Soft Pretzels can come in sweet and savory varieties. Satisfy any hungry appetite with a Soft Pretzel station offering a variety of flavors and dipping sauces.

Donuts – Donuts on their own or part of a coffee and sweets bar are a crowd pleaser for any age.

We have so many favorite snacks that can fill any late-night craving, this list could go on. Contact us and let Jerry’s Kitchen help you make your late-night snack station ideas into reality.



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