How to Bring a Food Truck to Your Business

Jerry’s Kitchen has been serving delicious meals to the business community for over a decade so we have a pretty good idea of what works for businesses of all sizes.


So how does getting our food truck to your business work?

This quick guide will explain everything.


We’ve worked with companies of all different sizes and industries so we know exactly what you need to get started.


Food Truck Catering for Your Company

If your company has an event coming up and you are looking for a caterer who can serve up delicious food and satisfy various appetites and dietary needs then you’ve come to the right place.


Here’s what you need to know to get started.

  1. Date, start time, and end time – If you’re planning an event at your office, for example, then knowing the exact date, start, and end times will be necessary to help your event run smoothly. Having set times for food service helps keep everyone’s expectations in check and can make the event coordinator’s role a little lighter.
  2. How many people you expect – Round up if you’re not sure. It’s always better to have a little more than a lot less.
  3. Having a budget mapped out is key and will make the planning process easier.


Booking a food truck

  1. Get all your event’s details finalized (date, location, how many people you need to feed, and what budget).
  2. Complete the details for your event on Jerry’s Kitchen bookings page: Book Now or give us a call at 610-400-1532 if you are in the Philadelphia area or 703-576-5284 if you are in the Washington D.C. area.
  3. If you’ve completed our form, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours or if you give us a call we’ll discuss as much as possible in the moment. We’ll go over menu options, dietary restrictions, event theme, and any other details that will help us help you.


Start a Food Truck Program

We’ve helped many clients who wanted Jerry’s Kitchen at their business for a longer period of time such as a designated weekly or monthly visit. Some were looking to engage employees, others were looking for a flexible food service solution, and some were looking for both.


In our experience, we’ve found that the following considerations are important for any business owner when starting a food truck program:

  1. Location! Is there space close to your business to accommodate a food truck on a routine basis such as every Friday?
  2. Variety! If you don’t offer different types of meals, people won’t eat them. Jerry’s Kitchen is prepared to cater any meal of the day. We can show up with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. From tacos, to sliders, to our famous fried chicken. Jerry’s Kitchen serves variety!


Have More Questions?

Contact us today to put the wheels in motion for your next event.


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