Vegetable Lasagna

Interested in Vegetable lasagna? Well, there are a number of vegetables that can be sauteed for the dish. After sauteeing the vegetables, add the cheese of your choice. Mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, and carrots, all work well. Lasagna can be frozen and kept cool for later use too! To freeze lasagna, assemble the lasagne in a dish that can be frozen. Make sure to cover, and make it airtight. Then your lasagna is ready to be stored in the freezer


Key Takeaways:

  • Start by dicing your veggies and saute until tender.
  • Cottage cheese is preferred to ricotta, especially in this vegetable lasagna recipe because cottage cheese has a lot more protein and flavor than ricotta does.
  • If you are in a hurry, use no-boil noodles. You can just layer them right in with your mixtures instead of having to get out another pan!


“The flavors and textures of the vegetables can change the overall taste profile of the vegetable lasagna.”

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