Vegan Pea and Kale Patties

These tasty pea and kale patties are completely vegan. The recipe will make about 7 patties. The ingredients include but are not limited to: peas, kale, lemon zest, onion, egg replacement, and chia seeds. The patties are prepared in a frying pan. There is a serving suggestion to serve them with an arugula salad with mustard seed. You can add a lemon wedge for garnish if you wish as well.


Key Takeaways:

  • These pea and kale patties are vegan and delicious paired with a salad and lemon wedges.
  • Non-dairy yogurt and egg replacements are paired with ingredients like pea, kale, and mint leaves for a hearty meal.
  • Form patties from ingredients and fry them in oil until golden brown.

“We saw these amazingly green patties or fritters online and really looked forward to making a vegan version using the fresh kale from our garden. They are really tasty.”

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