Upgrade Your Oreos with Boozy Fillings

If you didn’t already love Oreos, we are going to give you one more reason to love Oreos…. because now we are filling them with booze!

Here are some fun boozy Oreo recipes for you and your friends:

  • sinful cinnamon bun oreos
  • boozy red velvet cake oreos
  • naughty nutter butters
  • lemon creme pie
  • tropical vacation
  • birthday cake
  • grasshopper pie

Photo Source: www.liquor.com

Photo Source: www.liquor.com

By now we’re sure you’ve seen the recipe for Drunken Oreos, the boozy cookie shooters that replace the sandwich cookie’s sugary creme filling with vodka-spiked pudding. The video is a fun way to kill a couple of minutes. They’re fun and sweet and boozy—great for parties, the cookie equivalent of Jell-O Shots.

But let’s be honest: They’re not exactly delicious from a cocktail lover’s point of view. Happily, we’re here to help you change all that.

By swapping the one-note vodka for some legitimately amazing alcohol and pairing each spirit with more appropriate filling flavors and cookie varieties, you can have a treat that satisfies your sweet tooth and your liquor-loving palate, too.

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