Three keys to letting staff know they’re valued: food, fun and fellowship

As summer winds down, it’s a perfect time to give your team a boost to carry everyone into autumn in high spirits.

Showing staff your thankfulness for all of their hard work is a year-round effort, but when it comes to planning a special employee appreciation event there’s no better occasion than the first cool days of fall. So as the leaves start to turn, why not celebrate by inviting your staff outside to enjoy the cool weather and share the company of their coworkers over a gourmet meal!

Jerry’s Kitchen has years of experience providing top-notch corporate catering services throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Our signature food truck has become a welcome sight at events held by many of the area’s finest businesses—our clients know that when Jerry’s pulls up, fun and delicious food are sure to follow!

We all know that regularly thanking your team is good for office morale, but it’s also good for your company’s bottom line. An influential study found “companies that provide ample employee recognition have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates than companies that don’t,” meaning lower costs for hiring and training new staff, and improved client retention.

Give us a call today to start planning your employee appreciation day. We’ll go over a few key details—the number of guests, food options, venue, and whether you’ll need servers, bartenders, or other staff—and provide a no-strings-attached estimate for custom party that’s sure to make your company’s big event a hit.

We love serving clients’ indoor events, but there’s really nothing like the fun of an outdoor party catered by our state-of-the-art food truck. We find that great weather and good company are the perfect complements to our unique twists on classic American cuisine. So if you’ve got the space, head to the great outdoors and get folks talking over lunch and a fun teambuilding activity like a casual cornhole tournament

Give us a call today to put the wheels in motion on your company’s best employee appreciation day ever—showing your staff the love has never been easier!

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