The Soups for Summer

Summer soups are a favorite because they are refreshing and tasty, which makes a huge difference during the hot season. I feel a great sense of relief when I sit down with a bowl of cold soup. What I also like about cold soups is that they accommodate both fruits and vegetables, so they take full advantage of summer’s bounty.


Many summer soup recipes require little or no cooking, helping keep the kitchen cooler. Ingredients go into the blender—and that’s it!

Gazpacho Soups

Think of gazpacho as cold, crunchy vegetable tomato soup. It is better to let gazpacho chill overnight before eating to enhance its flavor and lower its temperature. Gazpacho easily works with other spices like hot chili peppers, cayenne pepper, or fresh mint leaves.

For a surprise, why not try watermelon gazpacho, which uses watermelon plus the same variety of vegetables as ordinary gazpacho? Add some chilies and red wine vinegar, and voila, you have the perfect summer starter.

Fruit Soups

These soups are super easy and refreshing. Just drop a few ingredients in the blender.

Cantaloupe: All this involves is a cantaloupe and some extra ingredients of your choice: perhaps some lemon flavor (lemons or lemon juice) and sparkling nonalcoholic cider; or lime juice, cinnamon and mint. Whatever the combination, this soup is sure to refresh.

Honeydew: This is another easy soup, which is adaptable for different preferences and meal. Add mint and sour cream to create a creamy, heartier soup. Or add mint, lime juice, brandy, vanilla extract, and maple syrup to make a richer, sweeter starter.

Green Soups: Cucumber and Avocado

Cucumber: For a nice creamy version of this soup, combine cucumber and yogurt, with honey and dill to add extra flavor. Similarly, a combination of yogurt and sour cream with fresh mint will also yield a tasty result.

Avocado: Pretty much a soup version of guacamole, this soup involves a little more effort to bring out its full flavor, including sautéing onions, chilies and garlic, and creating a chicken broth. These ingredients and others are added to a blender for a delicious dish.

Root Vegetable Soups: Carrot and Beet

If you have European roots, especially from the eastern part of the continent, these soups may sound slightly familiar.

Beet: I love borscht, but beets are not everyone’s favorite. If you like beets well enough, but do not want an entire soup of beets, you can try a chilled tomato and beet soup, which includes roasted red peppers, pickled beets, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Carrot: With coconut milk, orange juice and ginger, this soup is tangy and refreshing.

While great for summer, cold soups are also good for year-round—just like Jerry’s Kitchen are great year-round for your catering needs in Doylestown, Malvern, and anywhere else in the Philadelphia area.

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