The BEST Low-Carb Cauliflower Salads

Typically as we move from summer into winter we change our food styles from light and cool to heavy and warm to help take the chill off of those long dark months. In between these seasons we run into the problem of finding recipes a little on the heavier side but not exactly in the realm of comfort food. This is where cauliflower salads excel. It’s an extremely versatile food that is able to pair well with many different flavors and because it is a low carb vegetable, you can enjoy these many varieties of salad guilt-free.


Key Takeaways:

  • Making good cauliflower salads that mirror the cooler time of the year.
  • Various cauliflower salads can be made with a mixture of ingredients.
  • All of the cauliflower salads are considered low carb in terms of nutritional information.


“But I also found low-carb cauliflower salads with fun ingredients like shrimp, leeks, radishes, marinated mushrooms, olives, cheese, salami, red peppers, broccoli, bacon, cashews, Feta, and walnuts!”

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