Ten Theme Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

With Employee Appreciation Day nearing, it is important to start making plans for how you will celebrate this day. This does not necessarily mean you need to plan a full out party, you can easily incorporate this into a typical work day. But, if you are still in the holiday spirit and are ready to throw one more party, then this is the perfect reason to do so. We have found ten ideas for how you can theme this year’s Employee Appreciation Day.

1. Gratitude With Attitude
2. Office Olympics
3. Random Acts of Kindness
4. Rock On!
5. Spring Fever
6. Company Dessert Buffet
7. Office Cheer
8. Smells Like Team Spirit
9. Our Employees are Out of this World!
10. Get Your Hands Dirty!



Photo Credit: www.baudville.com

  1. Gratitude With Attitude!

Employee Appreciation Day is all about your employees, so a theme that reinforces their value all while having a little fun will be a very effective way to make them feel appreciated. Treat the entire team to some silly snacks in the afternoon – try Skittles, Gummy Worms, Sour Gumballs, Mike and Ikes, or Red Hots! Then, invite them to try their luck at a classic card game of Crazy Eights. Set up a few tables for teams to play and have a selection of prizes for employees to win, like gifts from our Gratitude With Attitude theme.


  1. Office Olympics

One of our most popular Employee Appreciation Day celebrations at Baudville was our Winter Olympic Games. We put teams together from across the organization, so employees from all departments were represented on every team. Teams competed in six different events for the honor receiving a gold, silver, or bronze medal. For gifts, employees got a bandana in their team colors and a plastic coffee mug that we customized with our own Olympic art. Download our Guide to the Office Games ebook to organize your own Office Olympics for Employee Appreciation Day.


  1. Random Acts of Kindness

Make your  Employee Appreciation Day about kindness this year with a Helping Hand theme. During the week leading up to Employee Appreciation Day, encourage employees to practice kindness. Download our new 75 Random Acts of Kindness eBook  from our Recognition Resource Center and cut out each of the 75 ideas. You may want to add some of your own ideas, too! Place all the ideas in a bowl and have employees pick an act of kindness to do every day. Give everyone five Tokens of Appreciation that they are to pass on to the person who received their act of kindness.

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