Sweet Spinach Muffins

You and your kids are going to love these little mini cacao and spinach muffins. Naturally sweetened with applesauce and containing an ENTIRE bag of spinach the kids won’t even notice, they are the perfect little treat to have stored in the freezer for a busy week. These things are delicious!!


Key Takeaways:

  • Spinach muffins can end up being a delectable offering from the kitchen. Heat them in the oven and they turn out quite moist for guests too.
  • These spinach muffins are a relatively new idea people want to try. Sweet spinach muffins are a veggie treat for anyone that wants it.
  • Share the recipe with friends and show off baking skills in the kitchen. That makes the event something special for everyone that gets involved.


“That doesn’t mean you can’t help them come around to new foods with a little help from branding. (Yup, that’s right. Sometimes you gotta use the same tricks as the marketers!)”

Read more: https://www.superhealthykids.com/sweet-spinach-muffins/

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