The Story of Lent And Recipes To See You Through The Holy Days

While the title of this article may categorize these recipes as “lent recipes”, but these are dishes you can eat at any time of the year. Whether or not you are catholic, these are some great great dishes that will surely please all your friends and family.

Shrove Tuesday:

  • Farmer’s stack pancake supper
  • Better pancakes
  • Apple flapjacks

Ash Wednesday and Friday meat-free seafood suppers:

  • “Milk” mac n cheese
  • Fancy “fake out” seafood version
  • Super scampi
  • Cod and shrimp stoup with salt and vinegar mashed potatoes
  • New England pasta bake
  • Creamy saffron farfalle with crab and shrimp
  • Tuna casserole
  • Leeky Linguine with shrimp
  • Herb and sesame scallops with orange and fennel salad

Delicious vegetarian meals for meat-free days:

  • Sloppy veg-head Joe
  • Pizzocheri
  • Nutty broken spaghetti-sotto
  • Falafel burgers
  • Portobello mushroom burgers with roasted red pepper paste and smoked mozzarella
  • Potato, zucchini and tomato soup
  • Marsala mushroom ragout


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You may be wondering what the eating and fasting rules are for Lent and how things have evolved. Regarding the history of Lent, according to the Catholic Education Resource Center,

“The rules of fasting varied. First, some areas of the Church abstained from all forms of meat and animal products, while others made exceptions for food like fish. For example, Pope St. Gregory (d. 604), writing to St. Augustine of Canterbury, issued the following rule: “We abstain from flesh, meat, and from all things that come from flesh, as milk, cheese and eggs.”

Since then, the guidelines have evolved and changed, while people are still encouraged to give up something for Lent as a sacrifice.

Whatever rules your family lives by, these recipes will hopefully help you have a pleasant, delicious Lenten season:

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