Sour Cream Sugar Cookies Recipe

Who doesn’t love SUGAR cookies??? Sugar cookies are as classic as chocolate chip cookies. Sugar cookies are popular because they are so easy to bake, it is a huge time saver during Christmas too. This recipe is a little different than most sugar cookies as sour cream is used. Because of the sour cream, it gives it a more cakey type of texture, so like a cake-cookie. When the cookies are baked, they are frosted and sprinkles added (if you want). The frosting is super simple. It’s just butter, powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract. You can add any food color if you desire. You will want to make large batches of these because they will disappear quickly!


Key Takeaways:

  • Unlike typical sugar cookies, these are made with sour cream.
  • The sour cream gives these cookies a softer, more cake-like texture.
  • These cookies can be decorated with sprinkles and a simple frosting once baked. It’s easy to make a lot at once.

“Sugar cookies are one of the most classic and delicious sweets to prepare for Christmas and the holiday season. What is great about sugar cookies is that they are easy to prepare”

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