The Simplest Shortcakes, and 3 Spiced, Fall-y Ways to Fill Them

Short cakes are very easy to make with this info. They do not need to be intimidating in the least. You can also fill them with season’s inspired ingredients. Strawberries and whipped cream are not the only option. This means you can use seasonal ingredients to make your short cake fit in with the time of year in which you want to eat it. Many enjoy doing this so they can use more fresh foods.


Key Takeaways:

  • Shortcakes, are super easy to make, but the author gives one tip of grating your butter.
  • The author also offers fun topics like salted caramel apple or pear-ginger compote.
  • The important thing is to use the shortcake as the base and let your imagination go wild.


“My favorite awesomely autumnal topper for sweet, buttery shortcakes is tart, stewed cranberries.”

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