Should You Have Food Truck Catering for Your Wedding?

Catering is an important part of a wedding day, and it is so important to choose food experiences that will be both delicious and memorable. Out of the many ways to make the guest experience at a wedding unique, food truck catering is incredibly special and different. Food truck weddings are exciting and fun, and there are many different options for any type of food or drink, including snacks, h’orderves, entrees, desserts, craft cocktails and craft beers. Jerry’s Kitchen Food Truck Catering can be the perfect partner to make your wedding day magical.
While food trucks have been a long-time favorite food option for lunch and a late night snack, food truck catering is now increasingly popular as wedding reception trend. One of the best aspects of food truck catering is also how affordable it is as a catering option. Many traditional caterers charge high prices for food and alcohol, but food trucks like Jerry’s Kitchen Food Truck Catering offer a more budget-friendly alternative to couples who want gourmet food at more reasonable prices.
Hiring a food truck vendor also gives you a wider variety of gourmet food options with crowd-pleasing favorites like tacos, grilled cheese, falafel, pizza, ice cream, waffles, french fries and more. Food truck catering can also often accommodate special requests should you require items for folks with special dietary needs. When you hire Jerry’s Kitchen Food Truck Catering, your dishes are conceptualized and crafted by real chefs. We scratch cook everything onsite, so entire guest list will be impressed every time with our delicious food.
Wedding planning can be stressful, but the process of hiring a food truck caterer is often easy. Food truck caterers have entire teams to do the planning and organizing for you, so you don’t have to worry. The Jerry’s Kitchen Food Truck Catering team takes pride in providing stellar professionalism and customer service for every event. Our staff will attend to every food service detail during your event, ensuring your perfect day goes exactly as planned.
Finding the perfect food truck to be the wedding food truck is a challenge, but Jerry’s Kitchen Food Truck Catering is not anything like your traditional caterer. We specialize in making private events special, through crafting your dream wedding reception meal and cocktail hour. Reach out to us today for a free quote, and learn how your wedding can be the next impressive food truck event.

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