Seasonal Produce Guide

As we all know, with a new month or season comes new produce. So, we have compiled a list of produce available for each month. Included in this list is advice on how to choose and store your seasonal produce. We hope this makes your shopping a bit easier and a bit more fun!



Most people eat artichokes only one way — the biggest ones, served whole with drawn butter or mayonnaise. But smaller artichokes are terrific as ingredients in risottos, stews or pastas and they cost a lot less.

How to choose

Really fresh artichokes will squeak when squeezed.

How to store

Artichokes are hardy enough to last at cool room temperature for a couple of days. Any longer than that and you should refrigerate them in a tightly closed plastic bag.

Extra tips

When you’re trimming artichokes, don’t throw away the stems. They have the same flavor as the heart and are just as tender if you peel the hard green skin.

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