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As I am sure you already know, NoLibs has been one of Philly’s new “hot spots”. Many trendy new restaurants have been opening within this local hot spot. One of the newest restaurants is Same Same, and it is definitely worth all the hype you have been hearing. Chef Chad Kubanoff and his wife Thuy have created an incredible restaurant based on their knowledge of Vietnamese food from their time spent living in Vietnam. They returned just last year to make Chad’s dream of opening a restaurant at home come true. Same Same offers some of the best street food one can find in Saigon. So, check out Same Same for lunch or dinner, and come hungry!


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There are so many hot new restaurants in Philly, it’s tough to know which to try next. On the top of our list was Same Same in Northern Liberties… and it should be on yours, too.

We first met Chef Chad Kubanoff and his wife Thuy in London during our inaugural Chowzter/FoodieHub blogger trip and spent an entire day with them food hunting through various markets. Proving how small our world really can be, it turned out Chad was from Bucks County but living in Vietnam at the time, cooking at a top restaurant and running motorbike street food tours with Thuy, who was born and raised in Vietnam. For FoodieHub, they represented Saigon, offering expert recommendations for where to get the best banh mi, noodles and more around the busy city.

They moved back to the U.S. last year to fulfill Chad’s dream to open a restaurant here at home. Same Same shows off some of the best street food Saigon has to offer. You’ll barely recognize the former Koo Zoo Doo space turned casual, with a small courtyard and local street signs on the walls.

Definitely check out Same Same for lunch or dinner. Pho will be added to the menu soon, just in time for winter. In the meantime, here’s what we ate…

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