Recipe: Galette des Brittany (Salted Butter Cookies)

These delicious cookies are made with a special butter and sea salt. The butter is made from fermented cream and sea salt. Salt helps to store the butter before refrigeration. The flavor is simply based on this specialty butter, yet has a complex nutty flavor. The salted butter, which is very creamy, and has been fermented, with salt flakes added for preservation and flavor. The butter is from a region in North West France, Brittany, which is famous for the buckwheat crepes. Buckwheat has been grown in this area since the 15th century and is easily grown there because of its sturdy adaptation to the rugged terrain.


Key Takeaways:

  • Was first made around the 20th century as Brittany’s tourism grew over the years.
  • Galettes rely on butter and culturing for the crisp and succulent taste.
  • All you need is butter, no lime, no cream, no spices or anything else, just butter.

“As galettes bretonnes rely on butter to flavor them, you want use the best you can find.”

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