Recipe: Candy Apples (via @BakersRoyale)

Is fall upon us already?  Don’t fret that the summer’s over, you’ve got cooking to do!  If you’re looking for a classic fall recipe sweet enough to scare away your family dentist it’s here.  Candy apples are the quintessential fall dessert-on-a-stick.  They’re easy to make and highlight the bounty of the fall harvest.

Tip from Jerry’s Kitchen: Chop up and toast your favorite nuts and sprinkle on the candy coating while it’s still tacky for a super crunchy treat.


Fall is near which means apple season is upon us—yay! But you know what gets me even more excited than big puffy sweaters, boots and scarves? Halloween. Next to Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year. And it’s also the time of year that I get giddy with anticipation.

So to get everyone in the mood I’m sharing this easy candy apple recipe. If you have never made this before, you cannot imagine how easy it is to pull off.


Photo Credit: Baker’s Royale

Just a few ingredients, a little patience and a candy thermometer and you’ll be ready to impress your friends this holiday season. And yes, you do need a candy thermometer to accurately bring the mixture to a hard candy stage of 300°F. Anything less and you won’t have that nice, brittle-like coating like when you get candy apples at the fair.

A few tips:

  • If you have ever made homemade caramel, the beginning process of these candy apples are a lot like that. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Brush down any crystals that form with water. Once boiled, do not stir anymore.
  • You can dye these apples any color you like. I prefer the traditional deep red, but purple or black would be great for Halloween.
  • To avoid the candy mixture from being filled with air bubbles, handle the pot slowly and without too much agitation during dipping.

That’s it, now have at it and let’s go Fall crazy! Because you know in the coming weeks, I’m going to go Fall crazy around here.

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