Perfect for Brunch, Pesto Potato Skillet (via @NaturallyElla)

Pesto is one of our favorite sauces.  Typically served on pasta, this fragrant, herbaceous condiment is as versatile as it is delicious.  Pesto isn’t just for pasta though.  This recipe from Erin of pairs it with potatoes and eggs, a fun and unique addition to your brunch menu.

Tip from Jerry’s Kitchen: Play with the ingredients in your pesto to create a truly unique sauce.  Substitute cashews or almonds for pine nuts, add some fresh mint, or add some citrus juice for that extra pop.


Breakfast. As I get older, I tend to realize small things that make my life great.  Things like not using an alarm clock (I have a dog for that), withdrawing from pop culture (I had to look up what YOLO meant and the first time I head Call Me, Maybe was actually the Cookie Monster version), and I’ve stopped letting politics upset me (personally I think Jed Bartlet should be president and for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I don’t own cable and am currently watching The West Wing for the first time).


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However, one of the things I cherish most is the ability to sit down, drink coffee, and eat breakfast every morning.  Rarely do I have a morning when I’m running out the door, feeling stressed and in a hurry (luckily my classes start late enough that time is not something I lack).

When I worked at the bakery my wake-up time was 3:00 to get out the door by 3:30 and start work by 3:50.  My breakfast would often be a scone or danish that we made that morning while I was whipping up pies, cookies, and cheesecakes.  I didn’t realize until then how much I valued my slow-going, coffee filled mornings.  I realized that mornings and breakfast were my time to gear up for the day and without it, I’d often feel lost.

Plus, I do love a good, savory breakfast.

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