Pepperoni Pizza Penne Pasta

This is a kid-friendly pasta dish which is patterned after pepperoni pizza. Aside from presenting a straightforward recipe that can be easily prepared and fed to both children and their parents (an optional breadcrumb-based topping is included for parents who would like the added textural element). Children can get the best by trying out new foods outside their comfort zone. A child’s tendency to be a picky eater with narrow tastes can be successfully engaged by introducing new ingredients and presentations using familiar themes and tastes–in this case, pepperoni pizza is almost universally loved by kids.


Key Takeaways:

  • It can be difficult to get kids to try new foods, so being creative with familiar recipes is key.
  • Kids can need exposure to a new dish a few times before they’ll eat it.
  • In addition to creative, quick recipes are very helpful for families.


“Believe it or not, getting kids used to seeing foods in unexpected meals is a big step toward getting them to be adventurous eaters.”

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