National Chili Day is right around the corner…and we can’t wait!

Chili is truly a perfect dish—hearty and aromatic, with layer upon layer of flavors and spices. It’s the kind of meal that can make your whole day better, and nourish you to your very core.

If you ask us, National Chili Day should be celebrated at least once a month. In fact, right this moment seems like a great time to get a big ol’ pot simmering on the stove.

Alas, this momentous day only comes one time each year. This year’s National Chili Day falls on February 28—a perfect day to warm up the last stretch of winter with the most comforting of comfort foods.
We take our chili very seriously here at Jerry’s Kitchen, and we’d love to share our passion with you this National Chili Day. There’s no better excuse to get together with friends, colleagues and neighbors than to share a warm bowl of delicious homemade chili. No invitations necessary—folks will smell the incredible flavors from blocks away and come running.

Jerry’s Kitchen has delicious options for every chili lover in your life, whether you’re a bean lover or a Texas-style purist.  You can even have a taste-off between multiple styles to vote on which chili reigns supreme. And we never forget all the fixin’s—crusty bread, shredded cheddar, scallions and homemade sour cream.
Hungry yet? Give us a call today to start planning your National Chili Day party for the ages. We’ll talk headcount, menu and venue and give you a free same-day quote. Our state-of-the-art mobile kitchen allows us to serve parties of any size in virtually any location.
Don’t miss out — get in touch now to reserve the big day!

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