Moms Share Their Favorite Menus

Here are a few menu picks from Mom!


  • The early riser
    • Ham and bacon quiche
    • Fruitini
    • Mimosa
  • Southwest Mom
    • Tuscan pork chops
    • Mexican pinto beans
    • Skillet cornbread
    • Pan-fried okra
    • Pound cake
  • Coastal Mom
    • Shrimp mojo de ajo
    • Lanny’s salad with candied pumpkin seeds
    • Key lime pie
  • Gourmet Mom
    • Dijon rack of lamb
    • Mushroom, apple, and goat cheese salad
    • So-easy chocolate souffles
  • Down home Mom
    • Chicken and dumplings
  • Surf and turf Mom
    • Filet mignon
    • Lobster salad with tarragon vinaigrette
    • Chocolate fudge cheesecake
  • Creole Mom
    • Crawfish boil
    • Okra Creole
    • John’s Creole red beans
  • Casual Mom
    • Fizzy berry pick-me-up
    • Arugula with warm bacon vinaigrette
    • Cheese grits and roasted tomatoes
    • Spring vegetable frittata
    • Cinnamon-sugar doughnut bites
  • My Mom
    • Southern fried chicken
    • Creamed corn
    • Field peas and spinach
    • Easy blackberry cobbler
    • Pound cake

We even have plenty of recipes for the Chocoholic Mom and the Sweet Tooth Mom!


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Early Bird Mom

“A simple quiche with some fresh fruit and a mimosa!”

If your mom is an early riser, consider surprising her with this delicious brunch menu. Win extra points by serving her breakfast in bed.

Southwest Mom

“Pork chops, pinto beans with chow chow, cornbread, pan fried okra, skillet potatoes and onions, boiled slaw and pound cake! Oh, yeah..sweet tea!”

Having all your favorite foods in one place is quite a treat. If your mom has Southwestern taste, buds she’ll love this fiery smorgasbord.

Coastal Mom

“For Mother’s Day I wish for grilled shrimp and a delicious salad. Key lime pie for dessert!!!”

There is nothing your mom would love more than to get away to the beach. If you can’t make it to the coast, make your mom feel special by giving her a taste of beach living.

Gourmet Mom

“Rack of lamb with a garlic-herb crust; a nice arugula salad with lemon-parmesan dressing; small chocolate pots de creme for dessert. All to be eaten in my pajamas!”

If your mom is a culinary genius, have no fear. Just use our easy recipes to create a Mother’s Day feast that would impress the greatest of chefs. Bonus: She’ll love that you made the extra effort to tap into her interest.

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