This Is How Long Overnight Oats Will Last in the Fridge

Overnight oats are a great breakfast idea. They will allow you to prepare ahead of time so you can have a great breakfast even if you have rushed mornings. They keep in the fridge for a time. This tells you how long you can store them so you don’t risk eating them after they’re at their best. Oats are a great source of fiber and will leave you feeling more satisfied than other kinds of breakfast with more sugar and fat.


Key Takeaways:

  • Overnight oats are the new breakfast trend, but what if you make a batch to last the whole week?
  • They will keep up to 5 days in the fridge, but they do soften more the longer they sit.
  • Make enough for 2-3 days, and leave out things like nuts, coconut and fresh fruit, as they will soften too.

“Overnight oats just may be the superstar of the make-ahead breakfast world.”

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