Leftover Turkey Magic

At this time of year, after Thanksgiving and after Christmas, you are likely to have turkey and other related leftovers in your fridge. After one or two meals, and maybe a couple of lunches of turkey sandwiches, you may very well feel that the whole leftover thing is old, literally and figuratively.


But there are lots of super-delicious things that you can do with leftovers, turning them from what’s been taking up space in your fridge to new delectable creations that will surprise your turkeyed-out household.

Turkey Soup: One of my winter favorites is turkey soup, which makes use of not only leftover turkey but also the turkey carcass and the hard-to-cut meat on those bones. Just break up the carcass into smaller collections of bones and add them to a basic stock recipe (you can also use leftover carrots, celery, and other root vegetables in the stock). Add bite-sized pieces of turkey meat, and let the soup cook for several hours.

If you don’t feel like making turkey soup immediately but like the idea, freeze the turkey carcass and some of the meat for use in turkey soup later in the winter.

Southwestern Turkey Wraps: This is a delicious meal, and is especially easy if you have leftover rice, as well as turkey. Combine shreds of turkey, rice, black beans, and salsa in a pot or bowl, and mix (they will mix better if slightly warm). On a flatbread or tostada shell, spread sour cream and guacamole. Then add the turkey mixture and roll.

If you want some additional flavor, add shredded cheese. Warming the wrap with the cheese in it will also help hold the wrap together.

Turkey Pot Pie: I am a huge fan of turkey pot pie, which is simply another name for a bunch of leftovers tossed together in a pie shell. Especially if you have leftover vegetables, including onions and potatoes, this is a great dish. The one trick about turkey pot pie is that it works best when you create a bond for the ingredients, cooking them together first in some broth with milk, cream or egg. Use a second pie crust to cover the pie top.

You can also experiment with your leftover turkey. So many great dishes are created by unexpected combinations, and Jerry’s Kitchen is always looking for new ways to surprise our clientele’s palates. If you are planning an event, please contact us for our Philadelphia food truck catering options, so we can discuss how to excite your guests.

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