Knife Skills That Are A Cut Above

Knife skills are not easy, so we’ve found some tips to help you perfect your skills!

You’ll learn how to..

  • Dice up your veggies
  • Julienne like a pro
  • Master the mince
  • Slice with ease


Photo Source: Tasting Table

There’s a reason one of the first lessons a chef-in-training learns is how to properly use their knives. Mastering a few basic cuts can take a dish from so-so to oh-whoa, while saving you time in the kitchen.

But before you even think about juicy tomato slices, consider your tools: It’s important to make sure your knives are as sharp as they were when you bought them. Dull knives are harder to control, requiring more force to break through crunchy carrots and thick zucchini—an accident waiting to happen. Invest in a quality knife sharpener from our partner, Work Sharp Culinary, to keep dinnertime hospital visits at bay, and then get to work mastering these four important cuts.

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