How Many Food Trucks to Hire? – Useful Tips!

As food trucks continue growing in popularity, they are becoming more commonplace at private events, fundraisers, community events, fairs and festivals. So, due to the growing popularity of food trucks, we have compiled some basic tips and guidelines for the next time you think of hiring a food truck.

  • You should typically have one food truck per every 200-300 guests, if the event is food-focused. If the event is not an “eating event”, then one food truck per every 400-500 guests.
  • Accurate attendance estimates are vital for food trucks to adequately buy and prepare enough food for the number of attendees.
  • It is important to decide how the food truck will be getting paid. This can be done by the event organizer, the attendees, by guarantee, or the vendors will pay a fee.
  • Think about the type of food the food trucks serve. You want a balance of the type of food being served in order for your guests to have a good experience.
  • Communicate and create a plan for any pre-event requirements such as permits.
  • Make sure you set a time for the food trucks to arrive and set up for the event.
  • Thoughtfully plan a layout of the trucks.


These days, you don’t need to look far to find food trucks in more and more cities nationwide. Food trucks and mobile food vendors are offering great-tasting fresh food at lunch time, dinner time, and often late night as well.

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Food truck events are quickly becoming more popular. You can find regular food truck events in city after city. Many of these events, like The Gathering in Baltimore, Civic Center Eats in Denver, and The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar in Orlando, are built entirely around exposing more people to more trucks in a fun, social environment.

As food trucks grow in popularity, they are showing up at more and more private events, fundraisers, community events, state fairs, and festivals, too. It’s because food trucks are a great way to offer diverse food options. Plus, it’s easy for them to show up and set up quickly at just about any location, and with their popularity they often draw more attention and interest to events.

More often, and quite frequently, we are contacted about how to locate and hire food trucks for events, and are being asked for advice on how many trucks to have and how fees for food trucks are determined. We have talked to numerous food truck operators that help in organizing large food truck events. We have also attended many food truck events and have talked with the event organizers in charge of securing food trucks.

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