Herbed Baked Goat Cheese Fritters

Herbed baked goat cheese fritters are great for anyone who is looking to have a good meal that offers a supreme taste. This food is a real crowd-pleasing item. You can serve them with something to dip as well. The sticks themselves are very warm and gooey and they are a lot like cheese sticks. It is very tough to take a treat that is usually fried and then make it very delicious in the oven.


Key Takeaways:

  • Keep the fritters in the freezer before baking them so the coating won’t melt.
  • You can choose the type of herb that you want to use based on your preference.
  • In order to keep your hands clean while making the fritters, you can keep one of your hands in the eggs and the other in bread.


“The butter adds some fat (necessary for flavor!) and encourages that sought-after golden crispiness. Panko has a lighter texture than other breadcrumbs, which makes an extra-crisp coating.”

Read more: https://foodess.com/herbed-baked-goat-cheese-fritters/

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