You Haven’t Met a (Chocolate!) Banana Bread Like This Yet

Chocolate Banana Bread is the newest treat for any family. Kids love it because it is a sweet blend of chocolate while parents love it because it is filled with bananas, olive oil, and yogurt. A quick and simple dessert. This delicious chocolate treat can be made in the middle of the summer. Cut a slice of the Banana Chocolate Bread as if it were a piece of pie and add a little scoop of ice cream for a light and delicious snack.


Key Takeaways:

  • This banana bread uses ripe bananas and dark chocolate.
  • They like to bake it in a skillet making it almost brownie like in texture and crispiness.
  • The recipe is flexible, so you can substitute many of the ingredients for things you happen to have in your pantry.


“It’s the most delicious way I’ve found to use the endless supply of bananas on my kitchen counter”

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