Great Ideas for Milestone Birthdays

Pretty soon, someone you love will turn the big 4-0 … or some other big birthday ending in “0” or “5.” Have you thought about how you’ll help them celebrate?

Will you fill a table with framed photos from moments in their lives? Hire a cover band to play favorite songs from the year they were born? Whatever you plan, the key is to organize an event the guest of honor will never forget.


Professional birthday party caterers and planners say a milestone birthday is the perfect time to remember all the big moments in the honoree’s life. One idea is to have a few special people from every age and stage of his/her life who can say a few words at the party. The honoree will love this walk down memory lane, and the guests will enjoy learning more about his or her life.


Once you have the date set and a few VIPs on board, it’s time to think about the venue, food, drinks, decorations, music and dancing.

What passions does the guest of honor have in his or her life? Does s/he love travel, games, movies, sports, theater? Shaping the celebration around a theme gives guests the chance to contribute their talents and ideas.

A party planner whose client loved playing live music rented guitars from a local music store for guests to play, setting up a stage with sound system. A dance area in front with café tables and little tabletop lights created the atmosphere of a cabaret. Favorite dance tunes were loaded to an iPad playlist to keep things rocking.


Keeping the bar well stocked is a fundamental that organizers often overlook, according to professional birthday party caterers. Have a pound of ice on hand for every guest before the party starts, and assume two drinks the first hour and one drink every additional hour. Ask your caterer for wine, beer and cocktail suggestions to go with your theme and please your crowd.

Pay attention to details at the venue, too. Walk through the party as if you’re a guest to check out the flow. Plan out where guests will hang coats, stash presents and hang out to chat. For this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, consider professional photography to capture all the highlights.

Here are more ideas from social media:

  • For 50-somethings, play 1980s videos on big screens and invite guests to come dressed in vintage club wear (think fluorescent!)
  • Giant wall-sized posters for guests to write out stories and “post” photos
  • Old-school CDs with top songs from different eras and the guest of honor’s faves
  • Stage a live photo incorporating the “big number” – 30, 40, 50 guests in a conga line, floating in a pool, or lying on the lawn or beach in the shape of the number
  • A video montage of scenes from the honoree’s life, produced by a creative committee of friends and family


Organizing a milestone birthday party takes a TON of energy and creativity! The catering pros at Jerry’s Kitchen can make everything easier from start to finish. Book our award-winning food trucks for your celebration – or work with our catering team to arrange a classic feast with all the guest of honor’s special favorites.

To arrange catering services for your birthday party near Doylestown or Greater Philadelphia, give us a call right now.


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