Graduation Party Tips: What Nobody Tells You

Planning a graduation party can be like planning a small wedding. So, since we understand all the planning and stress that goes along with organizing a graduation party, we have found a few tips to make the process a bit less hectic.

1. Designate an area to showcase photos of the graduate and their accomplishments
2. Have an area near the entrance/exit for guests to leave gifts and cards
3. Leave the graduates yearbook out for friends and family to sign
4. If serving food for a large group, try hiring a caterer or a foodtruck
5. Incorporate the graduate’s school colors in the desserts
6. Avoid dark icing on cakes and cupcakes because they stain easily
7. Borrow items from friends who have recently thrown a graduation party
8. Do not be afraid to ask family and friends to help
9. It is never too early to begin planning and organizing for a graduation party


The month of May was spent preparing for my son’s Graduation Open House and attending graduation parties.  Planning a graduation party can be like planning a small wedding.  I’m happy to say our party turned well and we had a good turn out despite the fact it was over Memorial Day weekend and it was raining several hours beforehand.


Due to the craziness of the day I didn’t get very many pictures, but I wanted to share what I learned. I scoured Pinterest for hours searching for ideas, but I felt like there weren’t a ton of ideas or tips for planning an Open House Party where you may have 100 people or more.   My advice is to keep things simple yet personal to your child’s interests and activities.  As much as I wanted to make this party about me, I was reminded that it’s not about me and my blog.   Therefore, I kept things a little simpler and subdued which is how my son likes things.

This is what I’ve learned and my tips:

Have an area set up where you showcase photos of the graduate and perhaps their accomplishments from high school.  Banners are a great way to display their letters and pins.  I ordered mine fromHJA Embroidery.  It also makes a great keepsake for my son.

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