Going Vegan: Health Benefits, Vegan Restaurants, and Other Reminders

Veganism is more than just a diet – it’s a lifestyle. That’s why a vegan is different from a vegetarian. A vegan doesn’t eat any food of animal origin. When dining out, vegans need to find vegan restaurants. On the other hand, a vegetarian may not eat meat but consume other types of food with animal origins, like eggs and dairy. Furthermore, Medical News Today indicates that vegans also don’t use products originated from, and even those that were tested on, animals. Some examples are wool, leather, down, and cosmetics.

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In any case, the diet is the most prominent thing about the vegan lifestyle. Aside from philosophical standpoints, why do people choose to go for the vegan diet? The answer is, most often, health benefits.

Health Benefits of Vegan Diet

Consuming plant-based food exclusively, or almost-exclusively (in the case of vegetarians), has a range of health benefits. One is cutting down your weight. Dairy and meat products contain high amounts of saturated fat – bad fat that contributes not only to weight gain but also to higher risk of cardiovascular illnesses. Speaking of illnesses, different studies show that vegan diets greatly boost immunity, thus reducing the risk of a person developing different illnesses, even cancer. In other studies, vegan diets are also shown to boost energy levels and improve longevity.

Fruits and vegetables are also rich sources of nutrition. They belong to the good sources of carbohydrates because they come with high amounts of fiber. Many also offer a good amount of key vitamins and minerals.

Some Reminders on Vegan Diet

Human beings evolved as omnivores – to eat both meat and plant. That’s why exclusively eating plant-based food takes discipline. You have to remember certain things if you’ll be turning vegan.

B12 Supplement. Vitamin B12 is only naturally occurring in animal-based foods and you don’t want a deficiency in this vitamin. Health.com indicates that Vitamin B12 deficiencies lead to bad weight loss, constipation, weakness, tiredness, nerve problems, and loss of appetite.

Alternative Protein Sources. Protein is a necessary part of the diet. If you are forgoing meat, you need to up your other sources of protein, like soy, quinoa, and beans.

Dining Out. If you love dining out with friends, you can’t expect them to go with you on a vegan-exclusive restaurant. Instead, go to restaurants or food trucks that serve a menu that has an item for everyone. Philadelphia has a number of good ones, such as Jerry’s Kitchen.


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