A Genius, Super-Refreshing Green Salad with 2 Curious Secret Ingredients

A simple green salad is often a meal staple, but it can be boring and bland. This recipe for green salad harbors two secret ingredients, giving it a wow factor. Surprisingly, the recipe’s creator has found that preserved lemon and candied ginger not only complement each other but bring a dynamic taste to salad greens. The recipe for the salad and a Thyme Vinaigrette is found here for you to try on your own or to serve your guests at your next dinner party.


Key Takeaways:

  • Follow the recipe for mixing a tasty green salad that anyone will love. It is a refreshing and popular dish that people will enjoy tasting.
  • Preserved lemon and candied ginger are excellent toppings for the green salad. The dish will look great once presented to guests at the table.
  • These curious secret ingredients will interest anyone who sees them atop the green salad. Be ready to talk a little about the green salad that was prepared.

“A winning formula for salad that will energize—and not bore—you will be a boon year-round.”

Read more: https://food52.com/blog/20964-genius-simple-green-salad-with-vinaigrette

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