Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Sausage, Eggs and Salsa Verde

Making breakfast burritos seems to be a popular new trend that people really enjoy. Sausage and eggs make for the perfect base ingredients to include. Salsa verde is an authentic addition that people will enjoy too. Expect a tasty dish that people really want to try out for themselves. Breakfast burritos can be a little creative in the kitchen. Cooks can experiment with ingredients to choose something new that everyone will enjoy over time too.


Key Takeaways:

  • These weekday freezer burritos are filled with sweet sausage, seasoned potatoes, etc. and could be the answer to weekday struggle to fill stomachs.
  • It can be frozen for up to three months yet it only takes five minutes to reheat in the microwave!
  • A great take away from this recipe is the fact it has a substitution, choice of vegetarian, and all the choices of cheese!


“These freezer breakfast burritos, filled with sweet sausage, seasoned potatoes, cheese, scrambled eggs, and salsa verde, are my answer to this weekday struggle.”

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