For Creamier Instant Oatmeal, Add This (It’s Not Cream)

There is a new way to take your typical morning oatmeal over the top. Instead of making your oatmeal with milk as it’s been done for generations, you should try replacing the milk with yogurt. You want to stick to the instant oatmeal for this as it will bind with the yogurt better than traditional oatmeal would. The best choices for yogurt tend to be flavors you would naturally associate with oatmeal, like strawberry, but any yogurt with a fruity non-acidic flavor should be a safe bet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding yogurt adds a new creamy flavor that incorporates well with oatmeal.
  • The instant works best thanks to its almost chopped up consistency and will be like a granola in there
  • Feel free to use whatever flavor you want to complement the flavored instant packets


“Yogurt has elevated my go-to morning meal, making it creamier, smoother and richer, without the need to double down on sugar.”

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