The Essential Foods for Tailgating

We all know that Philly is a big tailgating town, especially when it comes to Eagles football. While it may be overkill to suggest that tailgating inspires more passion than anything else in our region, it is a HUGE part of our culture.


There are some obvious things to have when tailgating, like Eagles shirts and hats, coolers for drinks, chairs and tables, and games to entertain during the wait before the stadium opens. Rain gear and effective winter gear, including blankets, are equally essential in order to be fully prepared.

Obviously, the most essential dimension of any tailgate is food. How else are you going to keep that energy up over the day? With our food truck catering services for Philadelphia, Jerry’s Kitchen is always happy to help you make the most of your tailgating experience.

But if you and your friends plan to cater your own tailgate, there are some vital Philadelphia foods which definitely should be on hand. Let’s start from simple, always keeping in mind the importance of how food travels and stores.

Philadelphia Soft Pretzels: There may be no food as vital to a successful tailgate as the soft pretzel. They are a favorite with everyone, young and old. They come in a variety of sizes, so they are easy to pack and consume in different quantities. Also, they store well and will not spoil, so you can easily leave them in your vehicle when it’s time to go into the stadium.

Cheese and Olives: Both are a tasty, convenient option to have on hand. There are wide selections of cheese and olives available in local supermarkets. If you have the time and resources, Philly also has great specialty stores for cheese and olives. Easy to transport, eat and store, they are great as snacks to avoid filling up.

Hoagies: One of the great Philly sandwich traditions (and I would argue, one of the great global sandwich traditions) is the hoagie. What’s great about hoagies is that they are widely available across the Philadelphia area, and are easy to make too. Obviously, it is essential to have proper hoagie rolls, and I would recommend using a variety of meats and cheeses to maximize flavor, along with the lettuce, onions, salt, pepper, oregano, and oil. If hoagies are carefully wrapped, they should easily transport and store.

Italian sausage: Also a local favorite and widely available, Italian sausages are delicious, especially on Italian rolls. To ensure tender meat, cook sausages overnight in a crock pot with tomato sauce, onions, and peppers. While tastier to transport sausage and sauce together, this is no simple feat, so make sure you have the right equipment. The advantages of transporting sausages in sauce are that they will taste and store better.

Cheesesteaks: Perhaps the most famous Philadelphia culinary traditions, the Philly cheese steak are both the source of great adulation and great debate among aficionados. If you can make this available to fellow tailgaters, you will certainly receive a lot of love.

If not buying cheesesteaks from a local shop, but making them yourself, keep in mind that they will turn out best with separate preparation and storage of ingredients. Prepare and store the meat separately from the rolls and cheese. Keep them separate as long as possible to ensure the bread stays soft (not soggy) and the meat is moist. Ideally, you want to assemble the sandwich as close to eating as possible.

Call Jerry’s Kitchen for a great game-day menu, which will thrill any tailgater.

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