Easter Egg Hunt: 10 Tips for Fun

  1. Use different colored eggs by age
  2. Add letters to each egg so kids can make words
  3. Keep record of the eggs
  4. Set hunt boundaries
  5. Draw a map
  6. Add a piñata for some Easter fun
  7. Supple non-chocolate prizes as rewards
  8. Wrap only one egg wrap
  9. Leave tell tale bunny prints
  10. Hide them in the house



Photo: kidspot.com.au

Easter egg hunt fun idea #1: Use different coloured eggs by age

Colour code the eggs you hide according to age so that means the littlies, or the two- to four-year-olds can hunt for blue eggs, while the older kids go for purple. Or have the boys hunt for green and the girls hunt for yellow.

It means little kids have an equal chance to find the eggs while also fostering a co-operative spirit amongst the kids who will try to help the others gather the eggs they aren’t entitled to.

Easter egg hunt fun idea #2: Add letters to each egg so kids can make words

Buy some alphabet stickers or write a different letter on the outside of each egg. Hey, you could even get crafty enough to paint letters on each egg.

Set the kids loose on their egg hunt and then offer extra Easter prizes to the kid who makes the longest word from their egg stash. Or take a look at our decorating eggs craft, and get some new ideas.

Easter egg hunt fun idea #3: Keep a record of the eggs

It’s worth trying to make a note of how many eggs you’ve hidden and some of the sneaky spots you managed to stash them. There’s nothing worse than finding melted chocolate under the couch cushions a few months later!

Easter egg hunt fun idea #4: Set hunt boundaries

To make sure that chocolate-addicted kids don’t endanger themselves by climbing on to the garage roof to look for eggs, establish the boundaries of your Easter egg hunt. Tell kids to stay between the house and the first tree, for instance, or to go no further than the driveway.

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