Don’t you dare throw out that leftover fish!

If you feel a little weird about getting stuck with extra fish after your big seafood dinner… well, we can’t blame you. Fish can be more perishable than some other common proteins, plus some varieties don’t take well to being reheated. But that doesn’t mean you should trash your leftovers! With a few easy tricks you can keep that fish ultra-fresh and give it a new twist for lunch the next day.
Get that fish refrigerated ASAP! Wrap larger pieces up tight in plastic wrap and then put them in your tupperware. Minimizing exposure to air will keep fish fresher for longer.
Try it cold. Most cooked fish still tastes great chilled, especially on top of a fresh salad. Try pairing leftover salmon with spinach, avocado, pine nuts, black olives and a lemon vinaigrette for a refreshing day-after meal.
Bust out the fresh herbs. Treating your leftovers to some fresh herbs (not dried!) is guaranteed to breathe new life into your fish. Use herbs directly in a salad or in a simple homemade vinaigrette. For flaky white fish like flounder or tilapia, try fresh cilantro in a simple pico de gallo. For meatier white fish like striped bass or tilefish, try a thyme and lemon pairing. For salmon, dill is always a classic and refreshing choice.
Citrus, citrus, citrus!
Freshening things up with lemon, lime, or grapefruit (or even all three!) is a time-honored seafood trick that never fails to liven leftovers. Add fruit into your salad for a tangy twist or incorporate the juice into a simple dressing. And don’t forget to bust out the zester! Far too many home cooks miss out on great flavor by hastily discarding citrus rinds, so don’t make that mistake!

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