Cuñapes/Pão de Queijo (South American Cheesy Bread)

This bread is delicious. It is cheesy and full of flavor. This will let you experiment with the flavors of South America without too much effort. It might be fun to make this and have a theme night where you listen to the music of South America as well. It would be fun for the kids to see what other countries eat. Most kids love bread and cheese anyway so would be glad to try it.


Key Takeaways:

  • This version is made with Brazilian fermented tapioca starch for extra tang and an authentic flavor.
  • As long as the texture of the dough is right, you’ll end up with great results every time.
  • They bake up perfectly from frozen so you can always have a stash on hand.


“This cheesy and addictive South American bread goes by many names, but whether you call it pão de queijo, cuñapes, or pan de bono, it’s always equally delicious.”

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