Crispy, Golden Chicken Pie in 15 Minutes Flat—No Puff Pastry Needed

You can have a crispy and golden chicken pie in 15 minutes. There is no puff pastry needed. Creamy and crispy chicken pot pie is an ultimate comfort dish. Eating one is pretty easy and will transport you into a different world of delicious flavors, but baking one is a very tough thing. This project is more of a weekend project, rather than a weekday project. But, you can enjoy them on a week night if you replace pastry with flatbread.


Key Takeaways:

  • A great time-saver when it comes to chicken pot pies, is to use flatbread instead of pastry.
  • Lavash is a great thin bread to use for this purpose, although any variant will do.
  • Dried cranberries, or sour cherries, make a delicious topping for this version of a classic comfort food.


“Yogurt for me is essential here, heavy cream would never do.”

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