Create a Little Matzo Magic

Easter is not the only major holiday in April. The Jewish spring festival of Passover also falls in April, usually around Easter, and boasts its own distinct culinary tradition.


The popular food that distinguishes Passover is matzo, a square of unleavened bread which is usually about the size of a regular plate, and which looks like and has the texture of a cracker. The source of matzo is biblical.

You likely see boxes of matzo in your local supermarket every year, but may not take much notice. Some people who are not Jewish love matzo and stock up on their supply as this holiday rolls around. There is no question that matzo is a unique flavor and texture, something between thick cracker and rice cake.

If you are looking this month to try something new, and are keen on experimenting with ethnic cuisine, you might consider buying a box or two of matzo, and trying a few of these ideas.

Matzo Mexican: Mexican cuisine often involves soft or hard shells, or chips. But matzo is an easy substitute for such shells or chips. You can use matzo as the base for tostados or nachos, spreading the usual ingredients and toppings over matzo.

Matzo Layered-Dishes: Because matzo is wide and flat, it can be a good substitute for noodles in such dishes as lasagna or spinach and feta casserole. You use the matzo much as you would noodles, be careful not to assume that matzo will act the same way as noodles when baked. Noodles and matzo are distinct products, and need to be treated differently.

Matzo Desserts: It may sound strange to use matzo for dessert, but I can assure you that matzo can support some remarkably tasty after-dinner treats. Most notably, perhaps, is Chocolate Toffee Matzo, which has been jokingly referred to as “crack” because of its addictive taste, as well as the “cracky” texture of matzo. Another delicious dessert is Matzo Cinnamon Sugar Crisps, which coat matzo in butter first, the slather them in cinnamon and sugar, which is baked in the oven until the sugar caramelizes.

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