Creamy Vegan Salad Dressing Recipes

Every vegan wants a salad dressing on hand for their next meal. There are a few different choices that will suit their tastes. Consider a vegan ranch to put on a fresh salad mixture too. All it takes is a little vegan mayo and a mixture of herbs. Use fresh squeezed lemon to make the dish something special in time. Vegan salad dressing is a popular option for people in need. These salad dressings are creamy and delicious.


Key Takeaways:

  • The creamy vegan dressing has cashews, olive oil and garlic in it.
  • For cucumber tahini salad dressing, you will need lemon juice and garlic.
  • Lemon cashew dressing required blenderized cashews in order to attain its creaminess.


“If you want to make a creamy salad dressing, you’ll probably be craving that staple ranch pretty quick.”

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