Cheesy, Breezy, Beautiful

Want to step up your grilled cheese game? We’ve got you covered from extra cheesy, to sweet, to fancy, and even ratchet grilled cheese sandwiches!


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Science wants you to eat more grilled cheese.

We’re not kidding: A 2015 study in the U.S. National Library of Medicine took an in-depth look at why certain foods are more addictive than others—reporting that a protein in cheese releases opiates when digested, triggering dopamine receptors and making you happy.

See? Gooey cheese on buttery, crisp bread equals happiness.

Of course, there’s also the nostalgia factor, which some of our favorite chefs couldn’t agree with more. Andrew Curren, chef of 24 Diner in Austin, says, “Most children love grilled cheese. It’s easy, it’s warm and melty, and its simplicity tugs at our taste buds. As we mature and take on more responsibilities, we tend to crave simpler pleasures and emotional triggers. This is not a cerebral sandwich requiring thought and decisions, just a crispy, gooey taste of childhood.”

We’re with Curren: We’re not going to think too hard about it, but we are going to get creative. And though we already have a TT-approved ultimate grilled cheese recipe, with National Grilled Cheese Day approaching on April 12, we decided to come up with five unique combinations for your ooey, gooey, melty pleasure. We even reached out to the experts to round up our ultimate grilled cheese-making tips.

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