Celebrate Spring with Soft Pretzels

As it turns out, one of April’s many gifts is that it is soft pretzel month. For the Philadelphia region, any month could be soft pretzel month, since we are the home of the soft pretzel. But there is every reason to call out the wonder of this delicious doughy concoction to the rest of the country too.


In addition to your regular, delicious soft pretzel, there are some great variations on this delicacy that you might consider trying.

Soft Crab Pretzel: I like this idea because it builds on the traditional Philly pretzels, but takes it in a completely new direction without a lot of extra work. With this recipe, you create a tangy crabmeat topping, designed to overlay traditional soft pretzels which you can just buy. Then you bake the combination for 20-30 minutes, and voila, you have a totally new taste sensation.

Jalapeno-Bacon-Stuffed Pretzel Dippers: This dish involves more work, as does any stuffed pretzel recipe, because it requires that you make the pretzels from scratch. What I like about this dipper recipe is, while it relies on a traditional pretzel recipe and taste, it does not ask you to make a traditional knotted pretzel. Instead, these dippers are more like large pretzel bites, in whose center resides this delicious jalapeno-bacon-cheese combination.

Parmesan Garlic Pretzel Bites: These are a certain crowd-pleased for just about any occasion, but especially are terrific for game days and nights. You are certainly welcome to make them from scratch, which will probably yield the most delicious outcome. But another option is to buy pre-made pretzel bites, which can be coated in a Parmesan garlic glaze—or some other kind of glaze—and baked in the oven for a brief period of time. These are also great to serve with multiple dipping sauces.

Salted Caramel Soft Pretzels: Why shouldn’t pretzels also fill an important role for dessert as well? This is another case where you can make your pretzels from scratch or buy pre-made pretzels to smother in a delicious melted caramel coating. You might also use melted chocolate, or, you prefer a less rich topping, a cinnamon-sugar coating.

Any or all of these ideas are great for providing a delicious surprise at your next event. If you are planning a spring event for family or friends, or for your business, just contact Jerry’s Kitchen for catering in Doylestown, Malvern, and across the Philadelphia region.


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