Catering Tips: Should You Serve Heavy Appetizers at a Birthday Party?

Food and drinks are an important part of any birthday celebration, and you may be thinking about using catering services in Philadelphia to ensure that the items served are all amazing in quality and flavor. After making this decision, you will need to determine what you want to serve at the event. Heavy appetizers are a popular option for many afternoon and evening birthday party celebrations, and you can make the most of them by following these helpful tips.


Consider Themed Appetizers

If there is a theme to your birthday party celebration in Philadelphia, consider adopting the same theme with the appetizers. A birthday party catering service provider may work with you to come up with some fun alternatives or twists to traditional party fare, or you may simply re-name some of the food options so that the menu is themed to go along with the party idea.

Serve Appetizers on a Staggered Schedule

Some people worry that serving appetizers rather than a full meal will mean that their guests are hungry, but this is not necessarily the case. A smart idea is to place a few trays of food out initially for guests to nibble on. Then, bring out heavier appetizers that may have meat, cheese or other more filling ingredients in them. The last round of appetizers can be sweet and similar to desserts. In this way, you are serving appetizers over an extended period of time, and the experience is similar to getting a meal. Keep in mind that you can have several different options of appetizers for each round to ensure that there is something that everyone will enjoy.

The decision about how to move forward with catering your event is rarely simple and easy. After you decide to use heavy appetizers, a buffet-style meal or something else, you must then take a closer look at the menu options available. Your caterer will assist you with the selection of menu options that work well with your budget and that your guests will love. Special attention to staggering them and finding creative themes for the food can also be provided upon request with some caterers.

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