This Candy-Filled Surprise Cake Recipe Has Us Super Excited for Easter

I think it is fair to say that just about all of us at least semi-miss, if not full-blown miss, the days of running around on Easter searching for eggs, eager to discover the prizes inside each egg and compare your winnings to your family and friends’.

Due to this, we have found our own “adult” Easter egg that does not involve nearly the amount of running around, but still has all the excitement and even includes some delicious cake for you to eat! So, how to create this egg-shaped cake? Bake two pound cakes in an oven-safe measuring cup, cup off the tops of the cakes, carve out the middle, and place the pieces on top one another, creating an egg.

But, before you close your egg and cover the exterior with icing, be sure to fill it with all kind of goodies and treats you, your family, and friends love. Now, when you go to slice a piece of cake, you won’t only be getting cake, but all your favorite treats will come rushing out as well.


Photo Credit: Chelsea Lupkin

During the holidays last year, we teamed with up the editors at to bring you a slew of holiday-themed food videos. (Remember those Mummy Pops?) Because we love any opportunity to get creative in the kitchen—and because Easter is on the horizon—we figured it was high time to get together with the folks at Delish again.

When we started brainstorming what we could put our culinary stamp on, we kept coming back to Easter eggs. Though the days of running through our backyards, hunting for eggs are long gone, that doesn’t mean we don’t remember the thrill of pulling apart those plastic eggshells, anxious to see what treat awaited us inside. So, naturally, the most obvious thing was to make an Easter egg of the adult variety—with cake and candy, of course.

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