Broiled Summer Squash in Agrodolce With Corn and Avocado

Make this simple summer dish consisting of summer squash, corn, and avocado using ingredients that give it a flavor-packed balance of sweet and sour. The recipe takes advantage of both practical function from salt, the sweetness of sugar, then vinegar to balance out the sweetness. The avocado helps to keep the vinegar’s flavor from being overpowering. After the ingredient list, the directions advise on how to prepare and broil all the ingredients adding them according to what will bring about the tastiest and most efficiently prepared dish possible. Add avocado once removed from the broiler.


Key Takeaways:

  • Lightly salted to help with the browning process by reducing the moisture content.
  • Sugar caramelizes the squash adding to the the flavor profile with a dash of vinegar to help controlling the sweetness.
  • Rich, creamy avocado rounds out the dish by which a subtle sweetness and earthy vegetable overtones.


“It’s got everything all rolled up into one tight package, from the rich, buttery avocado to a bracing sweet-and-sour punch thanks to a splash of vinegar.”

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