Bourbon Renewal

Have you ever been left wondering what you could do with your leftover bourbon, other than the obvious option of making a strong drink?

  1. Bourbon caramel sauce
  2. Kentucky bourbon balls
  3. Ham with bourbon brown sugar glaze
  4. Bourbon-soaked cherries
  5. Bourbon bread
  6. Barbecue sauce
  7. Grape and bourbon mostarda
  8. Bourbon biscotti
  9. Honey bourbon butter
  10. Maple pot de creme with bourbon cream




Aside from making a REALLY strong drink, here’s how we like to use up leftover Bourbon.

Even if you missed “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” you probably celebrated the Kentucky Derby anyway—if only for the cocktails. But after pouring a few mint juleps and maybe even taking a whack at this cocktail named after Seabiscuit, you may still find yourself with a post-Derby Day bourbon surplus. Instead of another drink, try throwing the rest of that amber liquid into an adults-only barbecue sauce, a crispy biscotti or even a preserving liquid for cherries.

If you have a cup or two of bourbon, make . . .
① Bourbon Caramel Sauce
There’s nothing like digging a spoon into an oozing ice cream sundae. Try pairing this salty, bourbon-spiked caramel sauce with a nutty ice cream for a spin on the classic hot fudge version.

② Kentucky Bourbon Balls
They’re like doing shots but in cake form. With a hint of crunch from toasted pecans, you can’t beat these booze-soaked (slightly NSFW) treats.

③ Ham with Bourbon Brown Sugar Glaze
Bourbon and brown sugar bring complexity to a classic dish and offset the saltiness of ham while they’re at it.

④ Bourbon-Soaked Cherries
Maraschino who? Letting fresh cherries take a swim in bourbon yields a garnish that’s tart, sweet and super low maintenance. Spoon them over ice cream—or directly into your mouth—for an instant pick-me-up.

If you have less than a cup of bourbon, make . . .
⑤ Bourbon Bread
If you can’t get to Bien Cuit for a loaf of its sweet and smoky bread, try making it yourself. The recipe involves a starter, which means it can take up to three days to get to the final product, but just look at those gorgeous score marks.

⑥ Barbecue Sauce
Honey-sweetened with just a bit of a kick, this barbecue sauce is just as good on chicken as it is slathered on a biscuit. And it gets even better with—you guessed it—bourbon! A three-second pour added to the recipe should do the trick.

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