The Best Sandwiches in America

Bon Appetit recently released who they think are making the best sandwiches in the nation, and it just so happens that Philly is the home of one of the “Sandwich of the Year”!

  • The classic Lox Sandwich

Philly Style Bagels, Philadelphia

  • Nana’s Meatloaf Sandwich

Mekelburg’s, NYC

  • Cheesesteak

Boeufhaus, Chicago

  • Pastrami Sandwich

Whitfield, Pittsburgh

  • Cabrito Kebab

Rapscallion, Dallas


Courtesy of Caviar

Courtesy of Caviar

Andrew Knowlton and Julia Kramer spent (collective) months on the road in search of the Hot 10: America’s Best New Restaurants. These are the best things they ate and drank along the way.

In a good sandwich, each component—be it the starring meat or the spicy condiment or the housemade bread—can stand on its own. But in the best sandwich, all these outstanding components fuse together to become a thing greater than themselves. That’s the case for our most memorable sandwiches from this past year.

Sandwich of the Year: The Classic Lox Sandwich
Philly Style Bagels, Philadelphia

The truth is, any combination of ingredients you put between these crazily flavorful bagels—be it hummus, tuna, or bacon-lettuce-and-tomato—will be life-changing. At the risk of starting an inter-city rivalry with New York, we think Collin Shapiro and Jonathon Zilber are making some of the best bagels in the country. What makes them that great? They’re fermented in small batches, hand-rolled, boiled in local Yards beer (that’s what makes them Philly style), and baked on wood planks. The result is a smallish, pleasantly dense, and chewy bagel with a superior crust. They say a sandwich is only as good as the bread you use. We couldn’t agree more.

Nana’s Meatloaf Sandwich
Mekelburgs, NYC

We don’t know if Mekelburg’s is the first place to serve caviar-topped baked potatoes and epic sandwiches in a garden-level space with all the ambiance of a suburban basement. But we can safely say it’s the best place to do so. The tender meatloaf with gravy and fresh ricotta is mind-blowing.

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