The Best Graduation Party Catering Menus Feature Unique Food Choices

When you are pondering ways to celebrate your graduate’s success, a popular and economical way to do so is with a graduation party at home. Making such an event a success requires careful planning and attention to detail. You could put this together yourself if you have the time and motivation, or you might just opt for party catering services in Philadelphia to handle all of the minutia for you.


Food and Graduation Party Catering Ideas

Themed parties are a terrific way to make your graduate’s special day celebration memorable. If you love barbecues, then why not plan an outside barbecue event by the pool or in your backyard? People who love pizzas can make pizzas for the crowd, or even involve them in topping the pies before you bake them. Those who love Italian food can do some traditional Italian dishes like pasta and a variety of tempting sauces with which to top them. Fans of the land south of the border can do a Mexican taco bar. Those of you who love making and baking deserts can have a dessert and ice cream station themed party. Breakfast fans can do a brunch earlier in the day, sure to be a crowd pleaser. There really is no limit to the number of choices for graduation day themed events.

Make It Simple Is Still The Only Rule

There is no reason to try to cook every menu option under the sun. If you prepare from five to seven such dishes then you have done well and that is sufficient. Believe it or not, the most frequently made mistake for a graduation party preparation is to try to serve too much food and an overkill of variety in dishes.

Be Willing to Be Different

If you have been to half a dozen graduation parties, then you understand why it is important to do something different than everyone else. The same five to ten foods make the rounds at practically all of the graduation parties. Use your imagination to make your event’s food special. Pizza is the number one favorite and most requested single food item for teenagers, even though it is not commonly deployed at graduation parties. You can always do some unusual and more gourmet pizzas besides the classic standards pepperoni and cheese. Ask a graduation party catering company for other great suggestions.

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